We are a tech-native consultancy

MIN3 leverages the power of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, to help our clients thrive. We work with companies of all sizes, across a whole spectrum of industries, and in a variety of geographies. In short, anyone who wishes to take advantage of emerging technology in order to disrupt their industry and beat the competition


Our Core Team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

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    Neal Rushton-King


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    Paddy Vance


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    Katie Herman

    Product Owner

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    George Hammick

    Product Owner

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    Himanshu Rawat

    Lead Developer

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    Jaymanyoo Singh Chouhan

    Lead Developer

At MIN3, we believe the world is in the early stages of an era of rapid growth driven by converging technological innovations

Our beliefs

Emerging technologies are arriving at pace (faster than the adoption of the original internet), key innovations include;

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain (aka crypto or web3)
  • Pervasive fast internet
  • Abundant cheap energy
  • Energy storage
  • Robotics
  • DNA sequencing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Many of these innovations interact with each other, driving exponential growth. We believe that the rapid coalescing of these technologies has the power to positively transform economies and societies - leading to increased productivity, new jobs, and even whole new industries, as well as changes in how we consume goods and services, organise and govern ourselves. In short, a new renaissance.

End-to-end digital transformation
Custom blockchain solutions

At MIN3, we focus on business fundamentals

We believe, though, that this exponential age will have its winners and losers. Many roles will become redundant, almost all sectors of nearly all economies will be disrupted, and some societies may even fracture.

We believe that it is imperative that businesses embrace this technology, foster innovation, and react to changing customer expectations. We understand that this can seem overwhelming, but early movers with creative solutions have the power to redefine entire industries, and create value that stands the test of time. By using our proven end-to-end methodology and products, MIN3 can help your business thrive.

Explore our products

We have high-quality solutions ready to be quickly integrated into your technology offering.


We help companies thrive

We pride ourselves on being a full- stack consultancy. Our approach starts by focusing on business strategy, and it encompasses design, build, assurance, change management, operations, and just about everything in between. We offer advisory and development services and, increasingly, we will offer products that can be licenced by our clients and managed securely on our portal.

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